Teeth whitening

Get a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening all about?

Teeth whitening undoubtedly constitutes as an important element in the entire field of Cosmetic Dentistry. As the name may suggest, teeth whitening is a typical procedure wherein anyone’s teeth is lightened thus making it look brighter and making any one’s smile more attractive. In this process, any kind of discolouration or stains that may be present in anyone’s teeth can also be removed.

General Opted Procedures

Nevertheless, whitening is not one-time procedure. Based on the demands and requirements, the teeth whitening process is generally found in two ways, which are the following:

  • 2 Hour long UV activated.
  • Take Home Bleaching.

2 hour Long UV Activated

This process basically needs the patient to have at least a time gap of two hours, since that will be required for the whitening treatment. The teeth is basically whitened with the use of a typical ultraviolet activator. This 2 Hour long UV activated procedure actually is really beneficial for teeth in more than one way like:

  • Taking off or polymerizing resinous dental pit.
  • Sealing fissures.
  • Providing your teeth restorative material.

The dentist generally activates the teeth with the use of a UV lamp with a particular range. Basically the UV light helps in the bleaching process of teeth. For this in-office teeth whitening a dentist may need to follow, as per the requirements, these given steps:

  • Cleaning of the teeth.
  • Determining the right required tooth shade.
  • Isolating the teeth by the use of the following dental dams:
    • Liquid dams.
    • Rubber dams.
  • Use of additional teeth isolation methods like cheek retractors or protective eyewear.
  • Application of the required whitener.
  • Letting the whitener work.

ake Home Bleaching

This process involves the use of bleaching trays that can be taken back at home. The Take Home Bleaching method can be feasible for many people because of the following reasons:

  • The dentist may give the patients a wide option of whitening trays along with many whitening accessories, thus providing variety.
  • The patients can use these trays as per they feel convenient.

Each of these trays consist high amount of bleach and they generally consist of the following:

  • Custom Fitted trays that ensures the given bleach stays connected with the teeth, along with preventing saliva to come in contact with the respective bleaching agent.
  • Bleaching compounds that are already pre-loaded in these trays. They can also be stored in syringes, adding to the present trays just before it is used.

The patients basically need to place these trays over their teeth, one at the upper jaw and the other at the lower one. The time period needs to be decided by the dentists, since each person’s teeth is different from the other.

Whitening always had been a major component for Cosmetic Dentistry, for the sake of getting good looks and a brighter looking smile along with serving as a general necessity for many people like models and actors. But with the above processes it has been quite easy for common man as well. It lets anyone to have a sparkling smile like never before.

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