Sleep Apnea

A Brief Overview about Sleep Apnea and its Treatment

Well Sleep Apnea is a very common disorder that includes shallow breathing along with pauses in breathing which even causes some negative effects like snoring. Though this may seem to be a pretty normal thing, yet it is indeed a big mistake to keep in the untreated state. It is periodic, that is after a period of shallow breathing, normal breathing gets restored. Basically medicines don’t help much but some treatments like using nasal sprays, sleeping on the side and so on can help to some extent.
Sleep apnea is somewhat related to the TMJ disorder too. TMJ disorder means the disorder that is caused in the Temporomandibular Joint resulting in pains in the jawbone. There are various types of TMJ disorders like Muscle disorder (causing pain in the facial muscles controlling the jawbone), Derangement Disorders (caused due to the dislocation of the jawbone joint) and Degenerative disorders (caused due to the withering of the TM joint cartilage). This disorder can be treated by various jaw exercises, which help in easing out the pain. Not only that, you can use various appliances like night guard (helping in keeping the jawbone in place) and sports guard (helping in protecting the jaw area while you are involved in to sports).

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