Root canal and Endo treatment

rootcanalRoot canal treatment is the sort of therapy that is done in order to heal the infection that occurs in the gums of the teeth thus resulting in gum bleeding or inflation. With this technique, the infective agents are eliminated. But dental infection cannot be healed through one sitting of this treatment only. For it to be gone for good, Root canal retreatment is necessary too. Another treatment termed as the Pulpotomy (removal of a portion of the pulp) and Apicoectomy (root resection) is needed when the gums are so badly infected that normal root canal therapy cannot remove all the infections.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The process of root canal treatment is as follows:

  • At first, the infected tooth is given anesthesia and made numb. Then an opening is drilled through the tooth crown to the pulp chamber.
  • The infected tissue is identified and then it is pulled out with the help of files. A portion of the pulp is taken out for this purpose. Then a process called irrigation is used in order to clean the pulp and remove all stray infections.
  • The portion from where the pulp is taken out now needs to be filled. This filling is done with a material named as the gutta- percha, which again helps in the prevention of infections of the other parts of pulp chamber.
  • A temporary filling is then placed on top of the gutta- percha one in order to seal and pack the opening and it is prevalent till the tooth has a crown or a tooth cap.
  • Sometimes in order to support the tooth and make it stronger, a post is placed beside it. And lastly, the crown is fitted and fixed in its place. Thus, the root canal treatment becomes complete.

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