Preventive Treatment

oralhygieneIt is very aptly said ‘prevention is better than cure’. Dental problems are one among the most common problems in the world. And since now children and teenagers are having more and more junk foods therefore they are the ones who are mostly affected. Everybody should follow these basic preventive measures:

  • Brushing two times per day after meals.
  • Rinsing mouth with medicated mouthwash.
  • Going for a dental checkup every month.
  • Cleaning teeth with floss.

Other Special Treatments

Apart from above mentioned preventive measures, there are some other special treatments that need to be done too:

  • Prophylaxis- Removing your dental plaque by the dentist once in a while can prevent your teeth from getting infected.
  • Sealants- Sealants are used as an extra covering around the teeth as a means of protection in cases of teens and children to prevent formation of cavity on the permanent teeth.
  • Fluoride- Fluoride treatments like fluoride topical and fluoride rinse can eliminate chances of infection and cavity.
  • Oral cancer screening- A lot of people die of oral cancer every year so it is necessary to undergo the veloscope system in order to identify precancerous marks and send them for further study.

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