periodontistisPeriodontics is that branch of dentistry, which includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment regarding the tissues of the teeth and gum health maintenance. Under this branch of Periodontics, There are special treatments that are inculcated and we are going to discuss about those treatments in detail.


  • Scaling and root planning- This needs to be done when there is pain in the gums and other such problems and the teeth has patchy marks on it. Root planning is a great preventive treatment for gum diseases and does not let the disease go too far. Scaling cleans between the gaps of the gums and the teeth so that problems like bad breath and patchy teeth are removed.
  • Flap surgery is a critical technique where the infected tissue of the pulp is removed and another tissue which is picked up from a donor site replaces it, but with an intact supply of blood in it. This way, the place from where the tissue has been removed does not remain hollow and there is a presence of a healthy tissue too.
  • Arrestin is a small group of protein which when given, gives rise to newer tissues. In case of severe gum diseases, this is given after infected tissues are removed so that healthy newer tissues grow making the gum healthier. It is embedded in the pulp chamber.
  • Gum graft is the procedure that is done when there is an exposed tooth root and it needs to be covered. Then, grafted oral tissues are used in order to cover the surface so that there are no more chances of infection.
  • Cosmetic gum surgery is done when the gums are placed in a disproportionate manner. So in order to place them straight, cosmetic gum surgery is done in which either a portion of the gum is removed or the gum is reshaped.

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