Oral Surgery

Processes in Which oral surgery is Performed

Oral surgery inculcates the process in which there are a number of medical procedures in which the normal dentition of the person gets modified for the better. Oral surgery takes place when any part of the gum gets damaged due to infection and also in cases of tooth cavity. Given below are some processes by which oral surgery is done generally.


  • Simple extraction- This is done when one or more teeth is filled with cavity and the surrounding areas are infected too. When this happens, then it is best to extract the teeth. During tooth extraction, at first, the gum area is made numb and then, the tooth is pulled out with expert hands. Thereafter the hollow portion is given a temporary filling so that it does not get infected easily.
  • Surgical extraction- It is needed mostly in order to remove painful wisdom tooth. This is because, it is a bit critical than the simple extraction and in this case. It is also used when a part of the tooth gets broken and it is not easy to remove the remaining part.
  • Teeth socket preservation-Another type of oral surgery in which after the tooth has been extracted the socket is preserved with special care to prevent the loss of bone growth elements present in the sockets. Immediately after the tooth extraction, the socket is sealed with stitches or covered with a non- resorbable membrane so that the bone growth elements can stay intact in it.

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