In House Discount Plane

In House Discount Plane

Radiant Smiles @ Floral Vale is pleased to introduce In House Membership Plan you to become a member of our Personalized Dental Care plan. For a cost of $150.00 per year you will receive the following benefits:

  • Routine office visits, exams and consultations to keep you in excellent dental health. — $ 30.00 PER VISIT (anytime within the membership plan yr.).
  • Dental cleanings every six months, including exams, x-rays for adults and flouride treatment & X-rays for children — $30.00 PER VISIT. (LIMIT 2/YR) ADDITIONAL CLEANINGS FOR $75.00.
  • Emergency visits including x-rays — $ 30.00 PER VISIT (No limit within the membership yr).
  • Reduced fees (20% off) on ALL needed dental work.
  • Highly gentle & comprehensive dentistry for adults and children with an emphasis on high quality care.
  • Note: All of above offers can’t be combined with another promotions we are offering.


This membership is only available to those without dental insurance. We urge you to keep any HMO ,PPO or Managed care MEDICAL insurance you have right now. You may need it for medical/hospital expenses, pharmacy expenses, etc.

Your membership is valid only for our office. Our office does accept most major dental insurances; however, our customized Membership plan will also provide you with the quality dentistry that you deserve.

We also accept these insurances