The Need and Advantages of Dental Implant


Dental Implant

Dental implant is a technique that inculcates the jawbone of the skull in order to fix the tooth cap or crown, bridge, denture for even better support. There is a process, which acts as a fundamental unit of dental implant named as the osseointegration in which metals such as Titanium form a strong bond between the tooth and the jawbone. It is needed for those whose teeth roots are extremely weak and have no support at all. This implant helps to support the moving teeth to a great extent.


Dental Implant: Advantages

The advantages of Dental implant over fixed bridge are as follows:


  • Dental implant is far less critical than bridge.
  • In addition, they are less risky than having a bridge surgery.
  • The effect is more permanent in case of implant than in case of bridge.
  • The tooth root gets more firm due to implants while in cases of bridges the hold may fall off.

imp4Next, we come to the bone grafting process. It is a process in which a bone from the donor site replaces the dental bone that has been damaged due to any accident. It is a critical surgery, which needs days of recovery. In this kind of surgery at first, a part of bone is taken from a donor site. Then the damaged bone is cut off and that place is replaced by the newer bone.

imp5Bone Augmentation is another technique involved in the Dental implant. In this technique, a bone is added when your jawbone beneath the gum is not tall or wide enough. This procedure involve bone or bone like materials to the jaw to lengthen or widen the jawbone as required. It requires a series of sitting in order to have the treatment complete.


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