Dental Fillings

drpt3Dental fillings are used in individuals when they have a portion of their pulp removed, which was infected. The fillings are restorative materials, which are used to seal the hollow surface of the removed pulp and between crooked teeth too. The advantages of fillings are that there are no more chances of cavity or infection in or around the place. There are different types of dental fillings like Gold, Amalgam, Composite, Ceramic and more. But below we will be discussing about the silver and the composite fillings.


  • Amalgam or Silver Fillings are very durable sort of fillings which can stay for at least 8-9 years. Though the colour does not match the tooth colour, yet they are strong.
  • Composite fillings are those which are coloured as same as the teeth and no one can mark out the difference easily. They are used to repair chipped or broken teeth.
  • Bonding- These are tooth coloured filling matching the tooth used to seal hollow surfaces.

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