Exam and cleaning

Get your Teeth examined with the advanced Luminous service

Teeth are the most valuable part of a human body and they need to be regularly inspected. Hence, it is due to the same reason, we highly recommend everyone including our patients to get their teeth examined after every 6 months for cleaning.

As a reputed dental surgeon, we offer complete checkup at regular intervals. For example, we take four bitewing X-ray on yearly basis while full mouth x ray once in couple of years.

Needless to say, that the teeth showcase the healthiest of proof that you care for your body and want to live a disease-free life.

examIn order to understand the importance of the same, dental exam stands out to be extremely important which should be conducted after every six months.

Liminuous smiles thoroughly examine your teeth and simultaneously look for any soft tissues in mouth. Tissues are the base of the teeth and we need them to be healthy. In order to keep the hygiene of the teeth intact, it is important to remove tartar build up from the teeth and we use the best technological invention for removing the same by taking assistance of ultrasonic scaler, thereby polishing them as well.

xrayWe use digital X-ray which eliminates the possibility of high radiation unlike those conventional ones.

Through Intra oral photograph, we help our clients to get an actual state of help. Since, through this high resolution intra oral camera, we let you take note of the defected parts, or the areas which need filling etc.


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