Emergency Treatment

Dental Emergencies can occur due to many reasons and these emergencies need to be taken care of. Sometimes during playing, one of the teeth may get knocked out accidentally. Or else somebody may get involved in a fight and maybe a tooth gets crooked or broken. Dental emergencies may lead to cracked and broken teeth or a sudden toothache too. In some severe cases, the jaw may get dislocated or broken too.

Dental pain: Remedial Measures

emergencyDental pain is a general result of any of the dental emergencies. In case something like this happens, the following thing needs to be done:

  • The mouth should be rinsed immediately with a medicated mouthwash and the same should be done after every meal.
  • Aspirin should not be taken in case of toothache since it may result in the burning of the gum tissue.
  • Dental floss should be used in order to remove any leftover food in the mouth.
  • A visit to the dentist is mandatory in this case and regular checkup needs to be done.

Broken tooth: Causes and Effects

metalpartialBroken tooth occurs when you accidentally fall down or you are knocked down by something. In case of broken tooth the teeth setting is disproportional and the face looks gross and even more when it occurs to the front teeth, which is the general case. Tooth may also break when it is already damaged due to the presence of cavity in it and then you try to chew on some hard food.


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