Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting a Perfect and Flawless Smile is Now Easy!


Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Basically it is a procedure wherein the appearance of the teeth is improved with the application of many techniques. Because of its ability to change the appearance of anybody’s teeth, many dentists have now emerged who help many people to get their required looks.


Veneers and their Types

Veneers play a major role in this field of cosmetic dentistry. A veneer is basically a thin layer, made of mainly porcelain, that helps to improve any tooth’s aesthetics along with protecting the surface of that tooth from any kind of damage. Veneers are placed over the tooth in a direct way or it can also be indirectly fabricated by any dental technician. These veneers have types that include the following:

  • Prep veneers.
  • Non-prep veneers.

Basic Differences between Prep Veneers and Non-prep Veneers

As the names suggest, both of these embody some features that can be contrary to one another. However, some of the major differences that are present between the prep or conventional veneers and the non-prep veneers are discussed in brief below:

  • Prep or conventional veneers need an introductory preparation where the dentists may prepare the patient’s teeth a bit and then an impression will be taken. On the other hand, non-prep veneers have no such things called drilling, anaesthesia and can involve lesser pain.
  • Prep veneers are actually suitable for all. On the other hand, non-prep veneers cannot be used on those persons who have an irregular shape of teeth.
  • The prep veneers are made of porcelain whereas the non-prep veneers are made of composite.

How does Non-prep Veneers win the Game?

Recently the non-prep veneers are actually winning the game against the traditional ones. Many reasons entail this fact; however, the most important are discussed in brief below:

  • Prep or conventional veneers require a long as well as painful procedure. On the other non-prep veneers require minimal pain, with the exclusion of things like pain, drill and anaesthesia.
  • Compared to the traditional porcelain ones, the non-prep veneers are actually quite cheaper.
  • Prep veneers require the dentist to remove much of tooth enamel whereas the non-prep veneers do not require the tooth enamel’s reduction.
  • Prep veneers are actually long lasting, making tougher for the patients to reveal the original smile. On the other hand non-prep aren’t permanent, thus making it easier for the person to remove them any time they want, to reveal the original and natural smile lying underneath.

cosmeticdentistryhomepageNon-prep veneers also offer other benefits like natural look, covering flaws minutely in such a way that only the patient and the dentist would know that any kind of cosmetic dentistry had happened.

Veneers, both prep and non-prep ones have become an indispensable means to get the desired attractive look. For different people with different kinds of flaws, cosmetic dentistry with its veneers have played a really important role. Gone are those days when teeth created an embarrassing look. It is the age of cosmetic dentistry, where transforming looks is possible.

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