drpt2Smile speak volumes about positivity as it ensures a world where you don’t have complications such as swollen gums, irregular teeth, bad breath etc. Therefore, being a dental service provider, Luminous smiles strive to restore as well as increase the beauty of your teeth manifolds so that you can have a hearty laugh for ever.

We make use of sophisticatedly advanced equipments and methods.

Our rich and successful past records have made us the preferred clinic. We use restorative and cosmetic dentistry for achieving the best possible results.

Prior to operating your teeth, we take a look at the actual state of gums by use of X-rays.

We expect our esteemed patients to inform us about your medical history as it helps us to move in the right direction.

Being ahead of the rest has never made us complacent as we continuously strive to learn the modern techniques in order to give you the best results. For further brushing up our knowledge with the latest facts, we equally attend seminars as well as meetings to help us serve our reputed patients in a better manner as well.

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